Specialist In Manufacturering Small, Medium And Large Series Steel & Stainless Steel Castings
and forgings from less than 0.01kgs up to 1500kgs.

We have below production lines and equipments:

  • Two half automatic lost wax casting line. Can cast small to big castings.
  • One sand casting line. Can cast big castings such as 1.5MT per piece.
  • One Forging line with 630MT,1000MT pressure machine and self- contained complete hammers, machines, Heat Induction Furnace.
  • Machining center, CNC machine, wire machine,Spark machine, 10sets of furnace for casting, 3 sets of furnace for heat treatment, 8 sets of shot blasted machine, etc.

Quality Control:

  • Imported from Germany Spectro for analysis testing and also Chemical lab for analysis testing specially to test "C", Physics lab to test tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, etc. Machine to test thickness, to test hardness, etc.
  • Strictly Inspection procedure to guarantee the customers can get the steady quality products.
  • More than 30 years of exporting experience to guarantee we can understand well what the customers required instead of "can be used is the standard"
  • Sufficient communication with customers to guarantee the customers can know well the progress of the orders enabling they can arrange their own production or sales as per the actual information. In case of any delay or any flaw will inform customer in advance then to follow as per customer's requirement.

Surface treatment:

  • We have supplied customers the products with different surface treatment such as Galv. KTL, Chrome plated, Nickel plated, Carbonization,Blacken surface, Painting, Mirror polishing, Satin polishing,electrolyze polishing, Vibration Grinding,etc.
  • Anti rust more than 4 weeks under the Salt Spray Testing. In case of high requirement of galvanize(Zinc plated), we can offer the good Galvanize (Zinc plated)which can anti rust under the testing of Salt Spray more than 4 weeks.


  • All our packing are by PLY wooden cases which are no need to be fumigated. The packing to European market generally will be made by the Standard European pallets, every pallet will be about 1MT. The packing to American market will be made also similar dimension with European pallet and will supply customers 10+2 informations in time. All the packings to Australian market will also pack the similar dimension and will send the packing certificate and Free Trade Agreement Certificate of Original.


  • We can offer CIF,CFR,FOB delivery term and also can offer Door to Door delivery for the customer who have this requirement. We have well cooperated forwarder who can change packing into unit packing in destination.
  • Dry Lab
  • Forge Shop
  • Heat Treatment
  • Pour Casting
  • Half Automatic Casting Line
  • Packing
  • Machining Shop
  • Spectrum Analyzer